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I don’t know Terri Schiavo.  I don’t know her parents
or husband either.  I don’t need to know her or
any other person.  All I know is that Terri is a human
being like EVERY other human being.  And I certainly
empathise with them even if I may be on some other
point in the globe.  Perhaps it may have been my
Christian upbringing and my mother’s teachings.
Life is sacred and Terri certainly has the right to
live, just as other terminal patients who may even
explicitly request to be put to death.  IAW the law,
to assist them to die is equivalent to MURDER.  Or
just ask the infamous doctor JACK KEVORKIAN “angel of
death” (and hero to some) in the headlines a few years
ago, about it and why he is now in prison. Or just ask
the other “angel of death” DR. MENGELE where ever he
may be now.  Or just ask those lesser health
caretakers “angels of death” who practice INVOLUNTARY
EUTHANASIA against the poor the disabled, the elderly
in hospices in America and Europe today.
Truly Terri has the right to LIVE and DIE like every
other mortal in this planet. But I also believe  that
although Terri Shiavo has the right to die she also
has the right NOT to be put to death. She definitely
does not DESERVE to die (or be EXECUTED) in this
manner or any other.  But it seems the legal system is
actively pursuing such PENALTY for her.  However such
PENALTY is only earned by the most heinous criminals. 
But even THEY have their own rights.  Ask all the war
criminals or any convicted felon on death row!  So
what crime has Terri Shiavo committed to gain this
death penalty, this “ultimate punishment”?
We must also recognize Terri is not “brain dead” as
her husband’s side wishes us to believe. She can
smile, gesticulate, mumble, mimic, experiment
emotions.  She can surely FEEL and she certainly is
CONSCIOUS.  It seems that in this modern world of
biotechnology, cellular clones and stem cells she
deserves the possibility, the right to benefit from
all these technology advances.  To put her to death is
to deprive her of her most basic legal rights.
By the same logic as espoused by Terri’s husband we
should also let all the “paraplegic”, the crippled,
the “Stephen Dawkins” of this world and those disabled
who cannot provide for themselves to die off
unassisted.  Is it the survival of the fittest?  And
now that everyone’s eyes are focused on Rome and our
Pope John Paul’s health problems.  By this same
simplistic pseudo-legal logic just let him die off
unassisted, get a new pope and finish this chapter
once and for all?   By the same logic we should do
away with all intensive care units and just let all
these patients to simply die off since they cannot
take care of themselves.  This shall represent quite a
saving for the budget!  But what a loss for humanity! 
It seems that in this “antiseptic” society America has
become, deadly pathogenic germs, or grotesque
laboratory specimens have acquired greater rights than
the average human being.  In this inhumane and
impersonal society that America has also become, it
seems that our average human being has become more
expendable than our more prized commodities.  WHAT
Last but not least, I believe there is a point that
Terri’s Parents and friends should investigate.  I
wonder why Terri’s husband just doesn’t request the
annulment of his marriage.  Or is it some other
selfish logic he is after... maybe life insurance
payments? and for that purpose he must remain her
LEGAL HUSBAND and GUARDIAN? and/or other self
interests that may escape us?  That could explain his
stubbornness and vehemence.  Only he and his Creator
must know.
Everything may seem perfectly legal, (shall we call it
legal institutionalized MURDER?); But somehow the
smell is of a dead rat. 
There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the
end thereof are the ways of death. 
Proverbs 14:12 
Anyone who wishes to write me or transcribe my text
can surely do so just simple drop me a line to my
Oscar Sogandares G.
Cell 507-621-2473