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I have waited to launch this web site for more than two years. Its not that it wasn't finished. The textual portion had been completed years ago and were based upon my travel notes to that beautiful and most incredible country.


[Click Image for Quick Time Hurricane Mitch]


But unfortunately events have a way in getting into our own personal plans. It was certainly sad and unfortunate to hear about the news of Hurricane Mitch, especially since I had plans to launch my new page on this incredible country, when disaster struck. Here I was thinking of such a petty matter as a web page, then I imagined how it must of been for all those persons who had lost everything, even for those who were living abroad but who had no word of their loved ones. I had this page in mind for the end of 1998, but decided to postpone it entirely, out respect for all those persons who have lost everything, even their lives, both in Honduras and Nicaragua during the worst natural disaster ever to hit Central America.

I was in Panama when I heard a lady from Nicaragua speaking over the radio. She was requesting donations including help in clothing, water and food. Then the radio interviewer asked her about her own family. She told her she had relatives who were living on the slopes of the volcano Cerro Casitas which had buried two towns. But up to that moment she had not heard from any of them, then she just broke down and wept. It was a touching moment.

It's true Hurricane Mitch is past and gone, but the problems and necessities created in its wake are here to stay. I have listed a few NGO's (Non-Govt. Organizations) who work directly inside Nicaragua and Honduras (which is equally beset of funds). If you wish to alleviate the hunger and the plight of these noble persons, please channel your contributions through these organizations:


International Aid Organizations (International Listing)


Local NGO's in Honduras and Nicaragua


For a complete recount of the disaster and help:

Fundación Movilización Social




Nicaragua, incredible country unmatched by its natural beauty, unsurpassed perhaps only by the human quality of its inhabitants. Here the traveler will not find the extravagant luxury and superficiality of other scenarios. But instead will arrive home to the richness and humility of down to earth real people with all their daily struggle for existence in one of this continent's most financially deprived, yet in spite of that fact richest countries especially in hospitality. As the Argentine-French Author Julio Cortazar once advised travelers in his poem "Noticias para Viajeros" (News for Travelers) on Nicaragua. (https://members.tripod.com/cronopiocronopio/obras.htm)


Ya ves, viajero, está su puerta abierta,

todo el país es una inmensa casa.

No, no te equivocaste de aeropuerto:

Entra nomás, estás en Nicaragua




You see traveler, her door is wide open

the entire country is an immense home,

No, you have not mistaken airports:

Just come in "nomás", you're inside Nicaragua



Oscar Sogandares,

February 16, 2000





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