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Oscar Sogandares

Just when the moon was covering the sun.

View of the eclipsed sun right before annularity.

Almost an annular view,  right after actually, my best (computer enhanced shot).

This is actually not my picture (I borrowed it from La Nacion of Costa Rica).  Much better than mine I confess. The Start of the eclipse after 1st contact. (courtesy of La Nacion, San Jose Costa Rica).

Again Annularity (courtesy of La Nación, San Jose Costa Rica).

Soon afterwards the most beautiful orange crescent sun became occult behind the rain clouds.

Such as dark veils over the horizon. There is only so much Mother Nature will allow us mortals to view.

Limon Rainbow good omen sign, prior to my trip to San Jose and Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Puntarenas  beachfront

Captain of the Port, Puntarenas, CR

Another View of the Captain of the Port, Puntarenas, CR

 The Crystal Symphony while it was still docked.

 Children photograph the Crystal Symphony while it departs port.

 The Crystal Symphony when it levies anchor and finally departs.

Puntarenas Beach.  On it many Palm trees along the beach are carved out the names of many couples who frequently visit this idyllic sea side town.

Another view of Puntarenas beach side.  A favorite weekend destination for Costa Rican families.

Still another view of the Puntarenas beach side.

Our Puntarenas Eclipse Good Omen Rainbow.

Puntarenas Railroad Station while it still operated.  It is now the home for Puntarenas College.  There is now talk of reopening the Railroad as a tourist attraction.

A sign which depicts the environmental cleanup which Puntarenas has undergone in previous years.

A spectacular Puntarenas sunset with the still eclipsed sun.

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